A Cut Above With LUXURY Jewels From BELLARRI

A trip over to BELLARRI on the opening day of LUXURY proved to be quite a treat—not to mention a great way to kick off another year at JCK Las Vegas. To take in this colorful feast for the eyes (and, of course, my Instagram feed), I was put into the good hands of executive vice president Robin Adleman Kraut, who showed me all the goodies.

BELLARRI dubbed this “the year of the cut,” and the gems that lined its showcases provided the most remarkable examples. 


Take the Tango collection as an exquisite example: The pieces feature bullet-cut gemstones with serrated tops and cabochon sides—it’s a design that’s striking in varied hues, but I especially love it in blue topaz paired with iolite (pictured). 

BELLARRI Floral Jewels

A new addition to designer BELLARRI’s “garden,” floral jewels from the Mademoiselle de Paris collection showcase sandblasted smoky quartz carved and paired with rhodolite. I saw an abundance of that color on my visit (“Brown is the new black!” Robin exclaimed). If it all looks like this, count me in!


One of the most remarkable pieces spotted was a ring from the Tuscany collection in 18k white gold with an entrancing blue topaz center stone—the kind that perches on your finger to serve as a major, major distraction. A raw cut stone sits below, with BELLARRI’s Mystique cut at the center and a faceted layer at the top. So spellbinding—if you get the chance to stop by the BELLARRI booth, don’t miss it! 


And while I could go on about the sensational 18k collections the brand is known for, I should mention that BELLARRI also boasts a fantastic sterling collection under the name Madam B. With feminine names like Roman Holiday (pictured), Pretty Woman, Lady in Pink, and Harmony (among many others), it’s easy to fall in love with these pieces. The fifth generation of BELLARRI’s silver line includes stones like red and gray agate and green onyx, in two-tone looks paired with rose gold that no one can seem to get enough of. The pieces are gorgeous and full of detail. Prices for the silver line range from $250 to $3,000 retail—I’d recommend getting these stocked for fall ASAP. 


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