9 Jewels You Can’t Miss From JCK Rising Star Arya Esha

I couldn’t resist. A ring from Arya Esha was Britt’s Pick last week, but there are just too many goodies to share that it warranted another blog post featuring the budding designer brand. Did I mention that it’s a JCK Rising Star this year? You’re about to see why.

Designer at the helm Priyanka Murthy isn’t new to jewelry design—her parents are in the diamond business—though the Fulbright Scholar spent much of her career in law and political science. Fortunately for us jewelry lovers and industry members, Murthy has made the leap to a jewelry career, and her featured collections—Galaxy, Lava, and Paradigm—are truly something to look forward to seeing in Vegas next month. Each jewel is handcrafted and one of a kind, combining the intangible with the tangible—ideas and theories, nature and art.

“I get inspired by certain ideas and concepts I’ve learned or developed over the years,” says Murthy, “and then I remember where I was when the idea or concept came to me and what my surroundings looked like (the trees, birds, land, soneone’s head garb, etc.). So the pencil-to-paper rendering of a piece of jewelry is really what recollection I have of the idea meeting the surroundings.”

Galaxy. Easily my favorite, the shooting stars, crescent moons, and orbiting, planet-like lines of the Galaxy collection just pull you in, like this trio of earrings below. Is it possible to choose a favorite? Can I say all three?

Arya Esha Eva blue topaz moon earrings


Arya Esha pink amethyst Lacie earrings


Arya Esha Emily lapis drop earrings

Lava. What strikes me about the Lava collection is the use of blackened metals; I’m a huge sucker for the dramatic. Bright gemstones positively pop against their dark settings with glittering diamond accents—some of them champagne and black, which is a total score.

Arya Esha Bryn citrine and diamond ring


Arya Esha Ashley rainbow moonstone stud earrings

Paradigm. Feminine details adorn the jewels of the Paradigm collection, but don’t call them dainty. These are bold in size and materials, and diamonds serve up the sparkle. My favorite example of the juxtaposition is the pair of earrings below: The onyx amps up the drama, while delicate flowers dotted with diamonds sweetly drape over the edges. It’s like the sartorial equivalent of lace and leather—feminine, but tough as nails. “I think one can and ought to challenge authority but also do it in a way that is classy and sophisticated and fair,” the designer says. “So, I design for that kind of woman. She is the woman I aspire to be: bright and rebellious, relevant and competent, but also kind and endearing.”


Arya Esha Demi black onyx and diamond earrings 


Arya Esha Sami tricolor diamond flower ring


Terre. The Terre collection represents a special glimpse into the designer’s first official foray into jewelry from a law career. It’s going, going, gone—phasing out—but it’s still neat to see the beauty that started from the beginning.

Arya Esha Daliah tourmaline and vesonite earrings


Arya Esha Nicole silver quartz and diamond earrings

The entire collection is crafted in recycled metals and with ethically sourced gemstones, which is just another reason to champion every piece that’s a part of it. I have yet to see these in person but hope you’ll join me in doing just that at the JCK Rising Stars in the Design Center at JCK Las Vegas 2015! Murthy’s positive outlook and attitude is one that I am certain will draw the likes of many of the strong women I’ve come to know and admire in this industry, so I have a feeling we’re all going to have a great time and leave another year behind with some new friends. The countdown is on!

To see even more from Arya Esha, visit JCK Marketplace.

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