8 Diamond Stud Earrings That Are Anything but Basic

Earlier this year, we shared our Essentials Guide, an offering of the pieces every great retail jeweler should have on hand at all times. To help you keep a great selection in stock, I’ll be sharing the latest, most alluring jewels from each category for showcase consideration. Onward to strong sales!

Essential No. 2: Diamond Stud Earrings (With a Twist)

When I originally wrote the Essentials Guide mentioned above, I intended the diamond stud earrings category to refer to basic, round solitaires. And I do think—and you know—that those are such important items to stock in your store because they’re a staple in any woman’s (and sometimes a man’s) jewelry box. First and foremost, you should grab those. But after you’ve made sure your basic, everyday selection is robust, consider sprinkling a few detailed designs into your display. These should be diamond studs that are still elegant and subtle enough to pass for everyday wear, and yet they have something a bit different, elements that make them stand out among their traditional counterparts. The 8 stud earring designs featured below include everything from bursting star-like frames, illusion and clustered settings, convertible parts, and more—for your customers who are looking for something just a bit out of the ordinary.

Coronet Diamonds Chamahez stud earrings

Coronet Diamonds


Stuller rose gold halo stud earrings



IDD princess-cut diamond illusion stud earrings



Nader Kash Asscher-cut diamond stud earrings

Nader Kash International


Jade Trau starburst diamond stud earrings

Jade Trau


Andrew Meyer Designs seven-stone diamond stud earrings

Andrew Meyer Designs


Gottlieb & Sons convertible diamond fleur earrings jackets

Gottlieb & Sons


Garavelli Mercedes diamond stud earrings


Visit our Essentials Guide to read more about the pieces to keep stocked in your store.

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