7 Tips to More Effective Content Marketing

All jewelry marketers should be practicing content marketing. Content marketing is about creating and distributing relevant information that is valuable to targeted jewelry customers. It places greater emphasis on the art of marketing communications rather than on transaction exchange. Here are seven tips to help you craft your content:

  1. Content marketing is non-intrusive. Traditional media is very intrusive. DVDs are often set to pre-record programs so consumers can bypass advertisements. We are all becoming experts at filtering out unwelcom solicitations. Content marketing takes a cue from permission marketing and motivates recipients to engage with the message.
  2. Non-transaction oriented. Too many jewelry web sites are focused on slamming deals. Not enough content to romance the jewelry before asking for the order. There are too many sites today that just want to facilitate transactions. Jewelry retailers still have to earn the business and that means taking the time to develop the required content and delivering jewelry messages in fun and easy ways to learn about jewelry and bolster buyer confidence.
  3. Elements of customer relationship management. Is the family jeweler really out of vogue? I think not! We all strive to find suppliers who are trustworthy and offer superior value propositions. Content marketing extends existing relationships by informing and educating jewelry customers.
  4. Effective response to customer filtering. Given that customers in all industries are now more inclined to filter out unsolicited messages, content marketing is about delivering messaging that is customized to the needs, wants, demands and desires of individual customers. Valued messages are opened and read by consumers.
  5. Replace traditional marketing. Traditional media is still effective as a strategy that includes using three different types of media to support an advertising campaign. The problem is too many jewelry marketers are still relying on only traditional marketing to promote their advertising campaigns. These advertisements are no longer as effective as they once were. Now is the time to adopt new strategies of marketing communications that are based on content marketing and delivered through three separate media. Customers respond more because the opportunity for reach and recall are greatly enhanced.
  6. Reciprocity is king. Marketing is entering an era of reciprocity. Jewelry marketers need to engage customers and prospects with marketing communication messages that are informative and educational regarding their approaches to fashion, accessories, and jewelry. The objectives of sending jewelry marketing communications should be to exchange value instead of sending solicitation-based messages.
  7. Repurpose content. Be sure to repurpose all content marketing messages. Develop new landing pages for your website by repurposing your content marketing messages.

Now is the time to embrace a paradigm shift away from traditional marketing and toward new approaches to customers through future-oriented strategies like content marketing.  

Dr. Tim Malone served on the faculty of GIA for several years. Well known for his presentations at industry conferences and events, he now consults jewelry companies on how to offer sustainable competitive advantages, more effective differentiation, and sales, marketing, and merchandising management performance improvement. He can be reached at 760-305-7977 or at netvalue@cox.net.

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