6 Tips to Deal With Psychological Noise

Psychological noise affects communications by impairing reception of the message. It is an internal noise that impacts effective communication by affecting the mental ability to interpret the message.

Psychological noises affect consumer behavior; for instance, if consumers face difficulty in interpretation of advertisement messages, their behavior will be highly affected towards the jewelry product or service. Therefore, marketers must be sure to remove all possible causes of psychological factors in order to establish effective communication.

Here are six strategies that jewelry marketers can do to overcome psychological noise:

  1. Repeated exposure to an advertising message: By repetition or redundancy of the advertising appeal, jewelry marketers can facilitate reception of the message. It will give clarity to consumers and help them understand the underlying message.
  2. Buy placements of advertisements in specialized media where psychological noise is less. Advertising should be developed in such a way that it separates a marketers’ ads from the advertisements of their competitors. For example, use more white space in magazine ads.
  3. Effective positioning and unique selling propositions are the most effective ways for jewelry marketers to ensure success of the message reception by each target market.
  4. Use teasers to overcome the problem of psychological noise and gain more attentive readers.
  5. Targeting the proper message recipient can also help jewelry marketers to establish successful communication and promote their product offerings more effectively.
  6. Encouraging the message recipient to provide feedback also improves the effective communication. This is a key when it comes to social media. It helps jewelry marketers to determine whether their messages were decoded and interpreted properly.

By adopting the above discussed strategies, jewelry marketers can remove psychological noises and can establish more effective communication with each recipient of their marketing messages.

Dr. Tim Malone served on the faculty of GIA for several years. Well known for his presentations at industry conferences and events, he now consults jewelry companies on how to offer sustainable competitive advantages, more effective differentiation, and sales, marketing, and merchandising management performance improvement. He can be reached at 760-305-7977 or at netvalue@cox.net.

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