6 Modern Pearls for June Birthdays and More

Pearls have always had a reputation for being a bit proper, if you ask me. Not to say that’s a bad thing—some very elegant women have donned pearls in the most stunning ways, from Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly to Grace Kelly’s everyday Monaco yacht style. As of late, pearls have taken on a new, harder edge. Chalk it up to Chanel, the fashion house that has always been known for its use of pearls (“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls,” Coco Chanel is quoted as saying), pairing the royalty-worthy gem with its signature tweed jackets. Under designer Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel is helping to take pearls to a whole new level. The spring and fall 2014 shows both saw a bit of roughening up on the prim and proper: Tweed jackets were worn with frayed edges and precise rips and tears; workout wear was unapologetically raggedy; and pearls (or pearl-like designs) came in big, bigger, and biggest—some in headphone form! Okay, so we won’t all be wearing pearl earphones or pearls as large as apples around our necks. Yet, we seem to be embracing more and more contemporary, edgy styles when it comes to the gem of the sea. Here are a few of my recent favorites for your store.

Mastoloni Tahitian pearl tassel necklace

Mastoloni Pearls


Vincent Peach Nashville cuff

Vincent Peach



Baggins akoya pearl net drop earrings




BELPEARL Nautilus baroque pearl ring




Imperial Pearl crystal and pearl double stud earrings

Imperial Pearl



Yvel black and white diamond pearl lariat necklace



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