6 Golden Discoveries in 2014

This was a big year for unearthing gold, both specimens untouched by man and treasures that had been hidden for hundreds of years. Here are six of 2014’s most exciting gold discoveries.

1. 6 Pound Gold Nugget Found by California Prospector

A hobbyist in Butte County, Calif., discovered gold in them thar hills with a metal detector. It was later sold by Kagin’s to an indisclosed buyer for an undisclosed sum, though it was estimated to go for between $350,000 and $400,000.

2. California Couple Discovers $10 Million in Gold Coins

The couple found $10 million in 100-year-old gold coins buried in six metal cans on their property.

3. Ancient Roman Jewelry Hoard Found Under U.K. Department Store

The discovery, which included gold armlets, a silver chain necklace, silver bracelets, and gold earrings dating from the 1st century, was made by the Colchester Archaeological Trust and was donated to the Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service.

4. 6,000-Gram Gold “Devil’s Ear” Unearthed in Russia

A 6,664-gram piece of gold was discovered at the Ukhagan mine in Siberia. It was found on Friday the 13th during a full moon, which, combined with it’s pointy-ear shape, led its miners to name it the “Devil’s Ear.”

5. Close to 1,000 Ounces of Gold Recovered From Sunken Ship

An expedition to the Ship of Gold, a 150-year old shipwreck, resulted in the recovery of more than 1,000 ounces of gold. Millions more are thought to  be buried still.

6. $33 Million Fabergé Egg Found at Flea Market

A Midwestern metal dealer bought the egg at an antiques mart for $14,000 and intended to sell it for scrap. Imagine his shock when a quick Google search revealed he had one of the few surviving Fabergé eggs. 

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