6 Bracelets to Pair With the Wearable Tech Soon to Be on Everyone’s Wrists

If there’s one thing CES 2014 taught us, it’s that wearable technology is the new must-have. From the growing variety of smartwatches to bracelets that track your activity/running effectiveness—even a wristband that keeps tabs on the wearer’s sun exposure—all of our wrists just got a little bit smarter. But even as our jewelry gets a functional twist, customers are still concerned with wearability, and the ability to make said smart gear look fashionable. Samsung has the right idea, showcasing a number of shots where women pair glittering bracelets with their Galaxy Gear smartwatches. It will be interesting to see how Apple follows, no?

 Todd Reed autumn colors diamond bangle

Todd Reed


Carl K Gumpert rose gold diamond hamsa bracelet

Carl K. Gumpert


Jade Trau baguette cuff bracelet

Jade Trau

A mix of high-low, in terms of price, style, and range of simplicity, makes for an eclectic look that will make any jewelry-meets-tech piece look right at home. Try suggesting your customers spring for lightweight, more petite pieces, so that they can continue to collect and pile them on in an endless, ever-changing stack. They have to purchase a wearable tech piece only once—it’s you they’ll be coming back to for more and more bracelets to go with it.

I received a Nike FuelBand as an early Christmas present, and I absolutely love it. The touch of rose gold really does make it more fashion forward, but still, I was wary of it being a little too, well, sporty. A pile of bangles, oversize and petite, and a mix of sparkle here and there…and voilà! Instant fashion while keeping me fit (now if only I’d pay more attention when it reminds me to get up and move around). To show off how you style your band has become so popular that Nike even has a Pinterest board, called Nike+ Arm Party. There don’t appear to be a lot of high-end jewels mixed in there, but the inspiration is fun and varied.

Leaders in fashion are taking note too, with designers like Tory Burch and Opening Ceremony collaborating with technology leaders Fitbit and Intel, respectively, to create tech bracelets. So while the fashion industry starts to take wearable technology more seriously, the jewelry industry has a head start. No need to discover how to create the next smart bracelet, just embrace the movement. Consider showcases styled with wearable tech and the latest bracelets, an obvious appeal to a younger target market with pretty high purchasing power. Will they be dropping $10K on a diamond bracelet to pair with their smartwatch? Maybe not…yet. But you’ll certainly have their attention.

Djula I Love You diamond bracelet



Lovelinks brown snake daisy wrap bracelet

Lovelinks America


Benjamin & Co. round diamond tennis bracelet

Benjamin & Co.

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