5 Truly Bizarre Diamond-Covered Objects

Most people wear diamonds on their hands, necks, and sometimes even in their mouths. Then there’s a select few that drizzle them on iPads, luxury cars—any object that needs a little extra glitz. But there’s an even more select group that has added diamonds to objects that, it’s safe to say, most people would not think to add diamonds to. Among them:

1. A pacifier

In 2011, a company now known as PersonalizedPacifiers.com gave the world what one of the commentators in the video below describes as “a real interesting binky”: a $17,000 pacifier studded with 278 pavé-cut white diamonds in a 14k white gold base. And while its manufacturer did send a sample to Brad and Angelina’s newborn, it also cautioned against “actual use”—though one would think most parents would know better than to put an object coated with 278 small rocks in a child’s mouth.

2. Guns

Just because you’re a member of a drug cartel doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. When Mexican authorities raided a hideout of narco boss Oscar Nava Valencia in 2010, they found a bunch of firearms devoted to blow people away—in every sense of the phrase. A press statement said agents discovered 31 handguns inlaid with diamonds and gold plate and silver; two other gold- and silver-plated rifles; and, not surprisingly, quite a bit of jewelry. There were no estimates on how much the guns were worth, or whether they will be sold as is.

3. Contact lenses

Diamond is one of the hardest minerals known to man, a material that can cut glass—not necessarily the kind of thing you would want next to your cornea. Still, Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan, noting the popularity of diamond-encrusted teeth, has invented a pair of $15,000 gold and diamond-encrusted contact lenses, which give the wearer’s eyes an oddly demonic look. Chawan told Today.com: “We always talk eye-to-eye, and if your eyes are sparkling with diamonds, no one can look away.” Provided they don’t run.

4. A saucepan

Tired of whipping up pasta in a plain old pan? Try the Diamond Pot. German manufacturer Fissler says the diamond- and gold-studded pan, coated with 200 gems and costing about $150,000, has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the coveted designation of the “world’s most precious pot.”


5. Business cards

A Black Astrum $1,500 gold-and-diamond-studded business card would seem the perfect gift for that wealthy someone seeking either a job or quite a bit of attention. In the video below, a CNN reporter thinks they might be suited for Madonna and Lady Gaga. Which raises the question: Do Madonna and Lady Gaga hand out business cards?

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