5 Tips on How Retailers Can Enhance Their Pinterest Presence

Now that it’s been pretty well established that Facebook posts almost never boost bottom lines, it might be time to transfer your social media efforts to Pinterest.

The hyper-visual pin board site has infinitely more potential to actually sell the merchandise retailers so carefully curate and post. Pinterest not only links to e-commerce pages, but its collage-like capabilities allow retailers to create beautiful marketing messages with the potential to inspire jewelry lovers on a visceral level.

Below are a few key ways to make real-world sales using Pinterest:

Make the link between your store and your website

Link your pretty pictures to promotions on your website featuring product in the same genre (pearls, bridal, etc.), or back stories on where pieces hail from, or why they’re remarkable. Then close the loop by promoting your Pinterest page in your store—through flyers, posters, or as part of the casual banter inherent to sales pitches.

Curate, curate, curate

Small, tight little images don’t represent well on Pinterest—and are rarely re-pinned—so make sure every “pin” you drop is big, bold, and graphically impactful. Also, steer clear of fuzzy or out-of-focus pictures. Manufacturers typically have crisp, high-resolution images of their offerings, so don’t be shy to ask for larger files if needed.

Create a dialogue that’s about more than products

Do those new earrings recall ones Richard Burton once gifted Elizabeth Taylor? Stoke the romance of your new merchandise by pairing product images with classic movie stills, illustrations, and photos of icons, celebrities, or even love letters. Pinterest fanatics are visual, and if you post images that inspire them, they will repin them (with your link attached!).

Follow the leaders

The easiest way to heighten your profile on Pinterest is to “follow” the industry’s heaviest hitters and cult-favorites. Chances are, they will follow you back. That means their followers will be all the more likely to see your pages and ultimately re-pin your products.

Harness the power of message

Have something to say? Don’t be afraid to post words or type on your Pinterest boards. Inspirational quotes, as the New York Times points out, are all the rage on the site. But treat every post as a visual entity. Here’s your chance to utilize all the interesting, stylized typefaces out there. Just keep messages short—long-form text is best kept to product descriptions back on your e-commerce site.

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