5 Takeaways From Colin Cowie’s Centurion Presentation on Great Client Relationships

Celebrity event planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie offered jewelers tips on cementing long-lasting and memorable customer relationships on Feb. 3 at the Centurion Jewelry show in Scottsdale, Ariz. Based on his own experiences as a high-profile event planner and luxury connoisseur, Cowie—who was present thanks to his recently instated partnership with Platinum Guild International—shared myriad experiences and lessons learned with jewelers so they might better grow their businesses. Here are five take-aways from the presentation.

1. People will forget everything else but not how you make them feel.

2. Great customer service is key to luxury. It is the glue of your business.

3. Look for every touch point you can find to sell to the customer.

4. Always ask, “What could we have done to service you better?”

5. Be up front—cut to the chase about client’s budgets. Say, I’d love to work with you! Could we be a little more specific…what kind of framework are we looking at?

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