5 Surprising Diamond-Related eBay Sales

Auction site eBay is known for offering virtually anything—including, of course, diamonds and diamond jewelry. But sometimes more than just your common everyday diamond pieces go up for sale:

1. The diamond made from Beethoven’s hair

Chicago-based LifeGem is one of the odder companies in the diamond business—it sells stones custom-made from human (and animal) remains or hairs. And in 2007, it tried to auction off its oddest stone ever: A 0.56 ct. blue round brilliant made from the famously wavy locks of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. LifeGem wanted $1 million for it; it eventually sold for a still impressive $200,000 to a collector in Dubai.

Courtesy LifeGem

2. Diamond jewelry that once belonged to the Pope

It’s the kind of take-in item that makes you go, “Holy—well…something.” In 2011, a friend’s widow approached Wilmington, N.C., jeweler Alan Perry, asking him to sell two pieces of jewelry that once belonged to Pope Paul IV. (To make it even stranger, they also once belonged to Evil Knievel.) After displaying the pieces locally, Perry posted the items—a diamond ring and gold Cross—on eBay, generating headlines worldwide. Yet, despite all the publicity, the lot failed to attract its starting bid of $850,000, and the pieces were returned to their owner.  

3. World Series championship rings

Earlier this year, to the amazement of sports writers, a purported 2008 Phillies World Series championship ring—made out of 14k gold and featuring 103 diamonds—appeared on eBay. The opening bid was $19,999; the buy-it-now price was $30,999. However, the ring, said to belong to a former “front office employee,” attracted no buyers and was removed from the site. Perhaps the asking price was too high; when Detroit Tiger Doug Baker reportedly sold his World Series ring on eBay in 2010, he got $12,000 for it.

4. Superbowl championship rings

Also occasionally appearing on eBay: Superbowl rings. A 2001 Patriots championship ring appeared on the site this August, and it remains on sale for $63,000; all 94 offers have been declined. In April, the same seller listed a Patriots championship ring and nabbed $50,000 for it. And in June, a 1993 Dallas Cowboys championship ring fetched $27,500.

Photo courtesy of eBay seller quasi

5. A “hexed” ring

Our final listing is noteworthy not for what was offered—a diamond and white gold ring, purchased for $1,800 at J.C. Penney—but for the very strange description that accompanied it. “Since the ring has been in my possession, I have had nothing but bad luck and evil fortune,” wrote the seller, as reported by bizarrebids.com. “I believe that this ring is hexed and I want it away from me as soon as possible.” A brave soul snatched it up for $233.

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