5 Reasons You Should Gift ‘My Charmed Life’ This Holiday Season

I’ve known market editor and jewelry designer Beth Bernstein, my friendly competitor at Instore, for years, and have always admired her keen curatorial eye and warm, sincere personality. Fortunately for the editors within the jewelry trades, our “competitors” are more like friends, and I was especially proud to be able to call Beth a friend this fall when she published her first book, My Charmed Life. It’s a well-written, personally inspired look at how her career as a jewelry designer and market editor—and all the jewelry that comes with the territory—has influenced her life. The characters and scenarios in the book are loosely based on her own life, but the jewelry referenced is real, and, as many of us will relate to and experience firsthand, marks personal dates, times, and life events that make our industry so memorable and special. I hope you will consider ordering a copy or two of My Charmed Life, as it supports one of our own, and will surely inspire reflection of the special pieces and people in your own life. Here are five more reasons why you buy a copy today.

My Charmed Life by Beth Bernstein

5. Hanukkah may be over, but who wouldn’t love a bonus gift?

4. Christmas is just a week away, and there’s still time to order a copy.

3. Beth Bernstein is a talented, delightful person who helps bring attention to so many jewelry designers and retailers through her post that she deserves our love and support with book orders.

2. It’s eligible for free, super-saver shipping on amazon.com.

1. Order copies because it’s Beth Bernstein, a beloved industry servant who’s just accomplished something many of us only dream of doing.

Congrats, Beth!! We’re proud of you. Xx, Jen