5 Reasons Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers Should Collaborate With Designers

While every diamond is beautiful in its own way, the same cannot be said for every diamond jewelry design. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider collaborating with designers or design consultants who have an admirable jewelry aesthetic to boost interest in both companies and to increase sales. Here are five reasons you should consider this move.

It’s a powerful mix of resources and talent. Manufacturers have diamonds and designers have covetable looks, so teaming up has the potential to benefit both. Think of what Rio Tinto does with its Designers With a Story, teaming up with artists each year and empowering them to do what they do best with Rio’s rocks. The results are lovely and largely entry-level diamond looks that hit a retail sweet spot—$500 to $5,000.

It’s a way to generate fresh product ideas. Sure, classics sell, but newness keeps customers coming through your doors. I was emailing with a manufacturer yesterday who told me about her new styles of double-drop earrings. They were lovely, but she drew a blank when I asked her for earring jackets and climbers, which her firm definitely won’t have by the time jewelry week arrives. I think that’s a mistake, and this is where a designer—or at least a design consultant—can help.

It’s a way to stay newsworthy. How can your company keep current and remain relevant? Stay busy and maintain an active profile! Collaborations can drive interest because of the novelty of the news and the product itself, a point reinforced by this week’s sold-out Lily Pulitzer collection at Target. I showed up to the Target in my area in Pennsylvania on April 19 at around 2 p.m., only to learn that a line had started forming at 2:30 a.m., and that everything save for a few vases had sold out minutes after the store opened. 

It’s a way to give back to up-and-comers. What Stephen Webster does with his booth at Couture is beyond admirable, since he is truly giving back to the industry that embraced him so many years ago. Manufacturers could and should do something similar by casting a spotlight on fledgling designers and teaming up with them to make beautiful jewelry and raise the profiles of both firms.

It’s a way to have prettier product options. You can’t tell someone his or her kid is ugly, but sometimes the urge to do so is strong. The way the majors advertise diamond heart necklaces, many might think that Americans just can’t get enough! But I have a feeling that those buyers could be persuaded to wear different silhouettes if given some options. Find out yourself by collaborating with someone to make a fresh, timely, and modern collection.

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