5 Random Songs That Reference Diamonds and Jewelry

Autumn has sauntered into the Northeast like an old college chum, weekend “leaf peepers” are eagerly waiting for the weekend, and the crack of the bat can still be heard in a few lucky baseball towns across the country.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect backdrop to a musical Wednesday?

I challenge our readers to come up with a more random collection of diamond- and jewelry-related songs than these five (JCK Marketplace manager Brittany Siminitz inspired the idea with her own list last July):

1. “String of Pearls” by Glenn Miller

This was my grandmother’s favorite jazz song. She said she heard it constantly when she went hotel bar-hopping with girlfriends while waiting for my grandfather to come home from World War II. I can’t hear it without thinking of her with a Manhattan in her hand and the thought of a young Stephen Ford in her head. I’m also pretty sure she appreciated plenty of diamonds and pearls in her day.

2. “Like a Diamond” by Tom Petty

The Last DJ may not be a great Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album, but I have a soft spot for it because I wore it out my freshman year in college. This song is the best of the bunch and artfully fuses life’s true love affair: women and diamonds.

3. “Dark Diamond” by Elton John

There’s nothing angst-filled high school Daniel Ford loved more than a bitter love song. I loved this song a lot as a teenager.

4. “Field of Diamonds” by Johnny Cash

I’ve been waiting a long time to include Johnny Cash in a Louped In post. Hello, old friend, you are most welcome.

5. “Silver Dagger” by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

So silver trumps diamonds in this scenario? And what guy wouldn’t take his chances with the dagger if Joan Baez sang this sweetly to him?

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