5 Purrrfect Cat Jewels for Your Feline Fanatics


According to my trusty calendar, on this wonderful Friday, we’re celebrating International Cat Day. I don’t think I need to tell you the impact cats have had on the Internet, trickling into the fashion and jewelry industries and showing up everywhere from jewelry to printed apparel and even making their way down catwalks—sorry, had to—er, runways. Love ’em or not so much, tolerant or allergic, a cute kitten can be hard to resist and at least elicits a collective awww. And in terms of fashion and jewelry, styles range from adorable to just plain fierce. Did you know that cats were sacred in ancient Egypt? The mau, as they were referred to, were oft-worshipped, and the killing of a cat, even accidentally, warranted the death penalty. In other cultures, cats are seen as demonic (black cats on Friday the 13th ring any bells?). Either way, fierce. It’s not all about lint rollers and those T-shirts with the bedazzled whiskers.

Natalie Frigo brass Playing Cat bracelet 

Natalie Frigo


Stuller Tender Voices cat profile pendant


So, while you’re indulging your cat ladies super-hip ladies of the feline fan club (read: me), amaze them with some of these unique animalistic jewels. Because we don’t need a date on the calendar to celebrate our favorite house pet, and they’ve proven to be quite fashionable, indeed!

United Gemco precious stone cat bangle

United Gemco

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Natalie Frigo Playing Cat cognac ring

Natalie Frigo

Bonus: Brush up on these interesting facts about cats to impress your customers while giving them a tour through your showcases (only if they’re interested in cat jewlery, that is). Did you know that a group of cats is called a clowder? Perhaps your shoppers will be interested in purchasing a clowder of cat jewels!


Charm America cat and CZ heart charm

Charm America

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