5 Over-the-Top Bejeweled Phones

Last week, Geneva-based fine jewelry firm Savelli announced that it will release a line of 11 luxury Android smartphones, which will be priced at as much as $250,000 each. The souped-up cells are encased in 18k gold and covered in diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds. 

What may seem like a pricey design dalliance—or even cagey marketing schtick—on the part of Savelli may actually be forward thinking. 

Smartphones have been status items since Apple debuted the first iPhone. But now that virtually everyone has one glued to their hand, toting around the latest iPhone doesn’t necessarily convey luxury or status. But carrying a phone studded in diamonds certainly does. 

Of course, $250,000 phones have a niche audience, at best. But what’s to stop an independent jeweler from manufacturing, say, a $500 sterling-and-gemstone case for the three most popular smartphone models on the market?

Whether blingy smartphones really catch on, jewelers now have another spot—outside of necks, wrists, and ears—to bejewel. 

Get inspired by some of the world’s blingiest phones:

An elegant diamond-and-gold Android from Savelli, from $100,000

The Gold HTC One, $4,489.17. This sleek, 18k gold-plated phone was one of five made by HTC.


The Black Diamond iPhone 5, $15,867,000. This one-off phone features a gold chassis and 600 flawless white diamonds. Upping the pot: a 26 ct. black diamond that acts as the “home” button


TAG Heuer Meridiist 2, $5,305. Iconic watchmaker TAG Heuer integrated gold, rubber, and diamonds into a stainless-steel frame. Bonus: The phone comes with access to a 24-hour concierge service. 

Diamond Crypto Smartphone, $1.3 million. The granddaddy of absurdly expensive phones (this one, designed by luxury accessory maker Peter Aloisson, was made in 2006) features 50 diamonds and rose gold accents.

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