5 Opal Instagrams You’ll Want to Double-Tap

Continuing the obsession with Instagram over here, I spent a good deal of last week searching for some inspirational shots of October’s birthstone: opal. Since I’d been laid up all week after a glorious wisdom teeth extraction (sarcasm, of course, this sucks), Instagram was one of the best distractions. I’ve come across gorgeous destinations that are preferable to my couch (on which I am currently confined), makeup tips that I hope to try one of these days (did you know your face can get so big after this procedure? It’s terrifying), and some incredible-looking food that regrettably I cannot even imagine trying to chew right now. All of those popular categories on Instagram are purely aspirational for me at the moment, and, in turn, leave me feeling a bit melancholy. Thankfully, jewelry once again comes to the rescue. Jewelry has the power to make you feel beautiful, no matter how puffy or black and blue your cheeks are. Its sparkle can take you to faraway places, and some stones, including opal, are even purported to have healing powers. Thank goodness for Instagram, thank goodness for jewelry. Here are my five favorite shots featuring October’s birthstone.


What an unexpected (but yummy) color combination on this ring! Its colors remind me of Florida. Maybe it’s the Miami Dolphins vibe?


feeling rosy with @thedowryfinejewelry today, new pieces coming soon!

A photo posted by Chardé Jewelers (@chardejewelers) on

I haven’t seen a lot of opal on thin, sleek bracelets like this one, and I love it. Plus, mega stack inspiration, right?


This presentation is beyond awesome.




There’s something almost monstrous about these opal rings, but only of the most glamorous sort.

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