5 Movies About the Diamond Industry

There have been scores of films made about diamond robberies. Movies about the actual diamond business, however, aren’t as common. But there certainly have been a few.

The little-seen 2000 indie Diamond Men featured Donnie Wahlberg and Robert Forster as two gem salesmen on the road. It is unique among the films here as it doesn’t involve any kind of gem theft.

Of course, we had to mention Blood Diamond. This 2006 action-adventure, set in war-torn Sierra Leone in the late 1990s, had the industry on edge for a while—and certainly awakened more consumers to the issue of conflict diamonds.

On its heels came 2007’s Flawless, starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore. This British thriller tells the story of a janitor and an executive who join forces to rob a diamond company—obviously modeled on De Beers—in the mid-1960s.

The Sidney Lumet–directed A Stranger Among Us (1992), starring Melanie Griffith as an undercover agent who infiltrates New York’s Hasidic community, centers on the murder of a diamond cutter, with another industry worker serving as Griffith’s love interest. Considered a commercial and critical failure, the film netted Griffith a Razzie award for Worst Actress, and has virtually no YouTube presence, except for this one scene:

The 1976 classic Marathon Man isn’t about the industry per se. But it does include one memorable moment where a diamond-carrying Nazi war criminal walks down the trade’s main drag, 47th Street—and gets recognized:

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