5 Most Popular Diamond 5s of the Year

Every week for most of 2012, JCK’s Diamond Wednesday has brought you a “Diamond 5,” spotlighting various items of interest regarding diamonds, from the odd to the artistic. Here are the year’s most popular lists:

1. 5 Songs About Diamonds

This is one of the first Diamond 5s, and includes many obvious choices (compiling a list like this without mentioning “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” is probably illegal). And if you’re into musical gems, check out Five Songs About Diamond Rings, Five Mentions of Diamonds in the Music of the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, and Five Diamond-Inspired Modern Pop Songs. And now, a musical interlude:

2. 5 Unusual Places Diamonds Have Been Found

This was also one of the first Diamond 5s, and one of the strangest. The best story: The person who found a diamond ring in a piece of fudge. The carrot story’s no slouch either:

3. 5 Truly Bizarre Diamond Covered Objects

The world apparently has no shortage of people who want to sprinkle diamonds on random objects. However, guns, a pacifier, and contact lenses definitely take the diamond-covered cake. See also 5 Diamond-Covered Household Objects and 5 Attempts to Mix Diamonds and Food.

4. 5 People Who Have Worn Diamonds in Their Mouths

This inventory of diamond-covered dentistry seems a little more relevant now with reports that Kayne West may be embarrassed about his bling-studded teeth. Way back when, he was a little prouder:

5. Five Bizarre Things People Did with Their Diamonds Post-Breakup

Why this post got such a response we’re not sure. While three of the people involved reaped nice publicity from the diamond disposal method, perhaps the craziest story was the anonymous man who broke into a perfect stranger’s car, and left his ring along with a heartbreaking note.