5 More Good Reads on How to Be a Better Communicator

Another roundup of articles focusing on how business owners and their employees can better utilize their voices to ensure success.

1. Professional development coach Art Petty gives some good advice on why good leaders know the value of saying “thank you.”

2. From Forbes, six ways that brands can build trust through social media. Most important takeaway: Communicating with customers the right way via social media networks builds up your brand by providing a foundation of accountability.

3. Intuit cites experts who claim that 85 percent of career success is directly related to the ability to communicate. This should not come to a shock to anyone. For those of you who are training new employees, or for employees who need a refresher, check out these five tips Intuit offers on how to communicate more effectively and increase sales.

4. From Inc., why a sales message is important, how many of them fail, and how to make your message as strong and effective as possible.

5. And the obligatory infographic. This one from Cisco details the power of in-person communication. The stat that stood out for me: 79 percent of business leaders believe that in-person communication has a higher impact with customers than email, phone, or Web communications.

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