5 More Bruce Springsteen Songs That Reference Diamonds and Jewelry

You can never have too much Bruce Springsteen in your life, especially if he’s singing about diamonds and jewelry.

Here are five more songs from the Boss that reference sparkly things.

“Terry’s Song”

Is there a better song about brothers? Maybe Keith Whitley’s “Brotherly Love,” but I’d still give the edge to this tune. Springsteen sums up all the emotions that come with having a brother you’re close to.

As an added bonus, this clip features Springsteen trying to remember how to play the song and drunk Australian concertgoers.

“They turned this dust to gold ? When they built you brother they broke the mold.”

“Atlantic City”

This song is a classic for a reason, and this version from Live in Dublin flat-out rocks.

“We’re goin’ out where the sand’s turnin’ to gold, so put on your stockin’s baby ’cause the night’s getting cold.”

 “Ain’t Got You”

“Tunnel of Love” is such an underrated album. The title track is one of those songs that has me crank the volume whenever it comes up on my iPod. I hadn’t heard this particular tune before researching this post, but it’s quickly found a permanent spot on my jewelry-writing playlist. 

“I got the fortunes of heaven in diamonds and gold ? I got all the bonds baby that the bank could hold.”

“Silver Palomino”

So women can add coats frosted with diamonds to their holiday wish lists this year.

“She came out of the Guadalupe’s on a night so cold ? Her coat was frosted diamonds in the sallow moon’s glow.”

“Prove It All Night”

One of the commenters on this YouTube clip said it best: “What a great making-out tune.” Need I say more?

“To buy you a gold ring and pretty dress of blue ? Baby just one kiss will get these things for you.”

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