5 Magnificent High-End Jewels for Your Big Spenders

Earlier this year, we shared our Essentials Guide, an offering of the pieces every great retail jeweler should have on hand at all times. To help you keep a great selection in stock, I’ll be sharing the latest, most alluring jewels from each category for showcase consideration. Onward to strong sales!

Essential No. 5: High-end, luxury jewels

It’s important to keep a varied mix of price ranges in your store, whether you’re a high-end boutique or a mom-and-pop shop. It’s important, because you never know who will walk through your door. One day you may find all you’re sell is sterling silver and lower-priced pieces, taking in $500 here and there. The next day, someone walks in with a mind for treating herself—or someone else—with a very, very special piece. Like, $30,000 special. Or more. This has been my experience, and I’m sure other stores have had similar ones, and have even sold a few million-dollar pieces in their time. But my point is this: Even when it seems as if shoppers are trying to save a buck, there are others out there spending money—and lots of it. And it’s your job to provide what they need: high-quality jewels that will last a lifetime and longer. Heirloom jewels that will be passed down through generations. Heck, even the jewels of movie stars hold their own legacies, getting worldwide media attention each time they end up at auction. Who says one of those jewels can’t have come from your store? Here’s where you start: 5 insanely “wow” pieces—with the price tags to match.


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Andreoli Colombian emerald collar necklace



Omi Prive two-tone padparadscha ring

Omi Privé

Sutra paraiba and diamond chandelier earrings


BA Gold diamond-covered large cuff bracelet

B.A. Gold

Jewels by Jacob sapphire and diamon collar necklace

Jewels by Jacob

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