5 Jewelry Retailer Tips From a Pinterest Addict

As evidenced by my blog post on Monday, retail jewelers are embracing Pinterest in a big way. Still, there are plenty out there who don’t really know what to do with their seemingly overwhelming new Pinterest accounts and some even find the concept a bit horrifying. But Pinterest isn’t meant to be scary – it’s fun! As a matter of fact, it’s downright addictive. And it’s another way to interact with your current customers, find new ones, and even draw ideas for your store’s design, events, and more. Check out my five tips on creating gorgeous Pinterest boards that will have your followers loving your great taste, and get inspired by the retailers and brands that are doing it well.

Quality over quantity

red pinterest

JCK Marketplace’s RED (What, you didn’t think I’d pass up the chance to share my own, did you?)

A robust, beautiful Pinterest board is easy on the eyes and makes a tempting destination for Pin-addicts. You definitely want to fill that color-themed board with brightly hued images and jewelry – but remember: Choose quality over quantity. Visitors aren’t going to enjoy seeing 450 images that are blurry, too small, or poorly photographed. Look for large, clear images that catch the eye. You might not be the one creating all of these pictures, but what you choose to pin is a reflection of your brand. I’m in awe of Skeie’s Jewelers Man Up board – among others. The retailer includes clear, crisp images of manly things like cars, attire, portraits of masculine icons, and of course, men’s jewelry. Each image is striking and blends wonderfully with the next. Also, 20 well-dressed pinboards are better than 100 with only one or two images each.

Other beauties include:

Get creative with your themes

simon jewelers pinterest

Simon Jewelers showcases its main available jewelry brands using Pinterest

The No. 1 thing you want to showcase as a retail store? Well, probably jewelry. But don’t even think about naming your Pinterest board “Jewelry.” Let those creative juices flow! Take that one generic board and make it five – or 10! One of the best examples of this is Hyde Park Jewelers, which has a beautiful collection of boards – check out Timeless, All That Glitters, Wrist Candy…actually, just look at them all. Showcase colored stones, vintage designs, or take pinspiration from Newport Jewelers and create a cocktail rings board (the only thing missing is a cocktail!) Create a board for engagement rings, as Samuel Kleinberg Jewellers and many others have done, or perhaps share your favorite brands with your followers. Arthur’s Jewelers, for example, has created multiple boards based on the brands it offers in store – Chad Allison, Simon G, and Belle Étoile, among others. Bottom line: As a jewelry store, you’re most likely going to have multiple jewelry boards – so find fun, creative ways to show that while conveying what shoppers can expect to find in your store.

Other fun jewelry boards to check out:

Follow through with your ideas

hearts pinterest

Find Pinsperation from Titanium Jewelry’s Hearts in Love board

Sure, that Valentine’s Day pinboard was an awesome idea, but it’s now Halloween and that board is looking pretty lonely with only four images. You’ve got a couple of options: You can disperse those images to other boards that make sense, or you can broaden that theme just a bit. Create a larger holiday board filled with year-round celebrations and jewelry ideas. Still really stuck on Valentine’s Day? Consider adding images of people in love, hearts, sweet treats, and gift ideas from your store. This same principle can be applied to numerous themes. The beautiful thing about Pinterest is its infinite possibilities and endless supply of material. Think big, make it work, and give some love to those boards you haven’t pinned to in a while.

Make friends

leo ingwer pinterest

Leo Ingwer‘s Pinterest is a great follow – check out its jewelry organization ideas board!

Follow, follow, follow! If you see a brand or individual doing something you like on Pinterest, click that follow button – it’s one of the biggest compliments that you can give. What brands do you carry in your store? Tacori – a high-end designer brand common in many jewelry stores – has an amazing array of pinboards ripe with inspiration. Follow them. Re-pin their images and tell your followers that you carry those pieces in your store.

Above all, make sure to include all applicable links in your profile – like your external website URL and Twitter and Facebook accounts. Give your Pinterest followers easy access to find out more about you. If someone in your area discovers you on Pinterest, then you may have gained a new customer just by directing them to your store’s website.

Other great brands to follow include:

Stay true to your brand, but have fun!

b royal

Braunschweiger Jewelers’ Destined to By Royal

Just because you’re a jewelry store doesn’t mean you’re restricted to pinning only diamonds and gemstones. Vermont-based Waldron & Rhodes Fine Jewelers has a Yummy Vermont Cooking board – I swear I can smell the sweet, sugary maple syrup as I look through this scrumptious collection. The retailer also pays homage to its home state with a Beautiful Vermont board. There’s no jewelry to be found, but it’s certainly relevant to the store’s location, and may even pick up some followers who find a common interest in their love for Vermont (and who doesn’t love those leaves in the fall?).

Another popular theme for jewelers is weddings since they’re a pretty natural extension of the diamond engagement ring business. You can go crazy with this theme – and many do. Everything from wedding dresses and cakes to save the date ideas, bridesmaids gifts, and more are depicted across boards like Yaeger Jewelers’ The Bride, Mann’s Jewelers’ Aisle Style, and Pearlman’s Jewelers’ Bridal. Mitchum Jewelers even has created a special Pinterest board featuring its very own customer’s weddings and engagements!

Have fun with these:

Bonus Tip: Visit JCK Marketplace

yael shot

Love it? Pin it!

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Also, be sure to check out JCK’s tips on using Pinterest to make real-world sales.

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