5 Jewelry Looks I Hope to See at the 2012 Emmy Awards

I do love a good awards show. And what’s more, I look forward to the morning after, when the blog world and Twitterverse are abuzz with who wore what and what were they thinking. But before we can get to the post-show Monday morning rundowns, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I’d love to see working the red carpet this Sunday. These aren’t predictions by any means (though if they come true, I meant to do that). Take a look at the five jewels I’d love to see at this year’s Emmy Awards.


The collar

Kundan Polki statement collar

Rajwarah Jewellers‘ statement collar

And not just any collar. These are celebrities we’re talking about here. I want to see the rich and famous rocking the trend with a wider collar necklace than we thought possible, or something studded in rich gemstones.



Goldesign red jade drops

Goldesign‘s red jade drop earrings

Think Angelina Jolie’s show-stopping emerald drop earrings, but in red. Ruby, garnet, spinel, it doesn’t matter. I’m just hoping that someone rocks something red, and that it’s the talk of the town the morning after. 


Daringly different

bird necklace Argenterie Giovannia Raspini parrot necklace

Every year, a celeb wears something that is so different, it takes us aback. We criticize because it deviates from the normal red carpet couture, but at some point, the look becomes iconic (or at least all the rage for that year’s Halloween costumes). I love when that happens. But instead of Bjork’s swan dress, how about some conversation-starting jewelry?


Hair jewelry

Picchiotti orchide brooch

Picchiotti‘s orchid brooch

Be it a diamond brooch or some sort of intricate hairpiece, those fabulous updos are so complete when diamonds are added to the mix.


Small and delicate

Rahaminov diamond solitaire pendant

Rahaminov‘s diamond halo pendant

Sometimes, one need not go big to impress. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see grand statement pieces on the red carpet, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. It’s amazing what a dainty diamond pendant or petite sparkling earrings can add to a finished look. Even better, the delicate look is more attainable by us admirers, and proves that diamonds are perfect, in any shape or size.

What kind of jewelry do you hope to see at this Sunday’s Emmy Awards? Share your thoughts, please!

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