5 Jewelry Jokes You Can Use at Cocktail Parties

During my search to find cool jewelry ads from 1914 in JCK’s archives, I came across a page full of jewelry- and watch-related jokes.

Here are my favorites:


A Tell-Tale Clock

Tom: What did your wife say when you arrived home so late?

Dick: Not a word. Before I went out I stuff the cuckoo’s mouth so that the clock wouldn’t give me away.

At the Stone Pile

“What became of the watch you stole?”

“The lawyer got the case and I got the works.”

Near Time

“What turns green in the spring?”

“Mail order Christmas jewelry.”

More Watch Humor

“Where did you get that dog, Jimmy?”

“I just found him near the canal. He came all the way from Waterbury.”

“How do you know he comes from Waterbury?”

“Can’t you tell he’s a ‘watch’ dog?”

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