5 Jewelry Creations From Design Center Must-See Loretta Castoro

We are just about six weeks away and counting from JCK Las Vegas—can you feel that anticipation building? I can’t wait to spend each day booth-hopping on the show floor (in sensible shoes this year, lesson learned). On the long list of things to look forward to, among visits to familiar faces and new friends, is a much-anticipated stop at the Design Center. There, you’ll spot treasures of the most awe-inspiring kind and some of the most charming people in the business. Among them this year is newcomer Loretta Castoro. I say “newcomer” as this is the first year the designer is exhibiting at JCK, but she is by no means a beginner in the business. A killer gemstone expert with the résumé to prove it, the brand owner and designer’s creations reflect a keen eye and luxurious taste in jewels. “My goal was to create jewelry that was not only beautiful but meaningful,” says Castoro. “The Love Doves collection symbolizes all that is truly precious in life—each of the creations is designed with the wings of doves caressing only the rarest and most exotic gemstones. The dove, universally recognized for love, peace, faith, and unity, is a gentle symbol and understood by every culture across the globe. Its very image seems to instill a spirit in the hope of mankind. The wearer of my jewelry will either celebrate all that the dove represents in their life or attract that which they desire.” Below, check out a preview of the Love Doves collection, and stop by the Design Center for an up close and personal visit.

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Loretta Castoro Love Doves kunzite necklace


Loretta Castoro Love Doves aquamarine ring


Loretta Castoro Love Doves morganite earrings


Loretta Castoro Love Doves morganite and kunzite rings


Loretta Castoro kyanite necklace

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