5 Instances of Animals Wearing Diamonds

Diamonds look great on people—but should humans be the only species allowed to wear them? That seems to be the motivation behind the surprising number of people who design diamond items for animals. (We should note that almost all of these are for dogs.)

1. The diamond dog collar

Who wouldn’t want to mix a man’s best friend with a girl’s? In 2007, a California pet supply company came out with what it brags is the “world’s most expensive dog collar.” The $3.2 million 18k gold collar contains 1,600 hand-set diamonds, along with a 7 ct., D-IF, brilliant-shape centerpiece. Seems a lot for a dog to carry, but the company insists it provides “extreme comfort and durability.” While it’s not clear if anyone has actually bought one (the company declined to speak to JCK)—and, to be honest, we’d be a little frightened if anyone did—you can see the piece modeled by an oblivious pooch in the video below:

2. The dog tiara

And yet that may not even stand as the world’s most expensive dog accoutrement. That looks to be the $4.2 million diamond and emerald tiara that Thai jewelry designer Riwin Jirapolsek created for his 15-year-old male Maltese terrier, Kanune. Sadly, we will never know how the dog felt wearing it, but Jirapolsek told interviewers he was already plotting his follow-up: a jewel-encrusted hair clip.

3. The dog necklace

Yet the gold standard for spoiled pets may be 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Lola, dubbed “Britain’s most pampered pooch” by the British tabloids. Lola’s owner, Louise Harris, and her dog both wear matching $39,000 platinum diamond necklaces that say Diva Dogs (the name of Harris’ pet boutique). Lola also boasts a custom-made bed, dresses, and top-of-line treats. “I think £25,000 might be quite a lot of money for a dog necklace but Lola is very special,” Harris told SNWS.com, adding, “I don’t think we will be wearing them just to go for walkies.”

4. Dog buried with diamond collar

For years, the people who lived near the pet cemetery located in a Paris suburb had heard wild rumors of a dog buried with a diamond collar. This February, they learned they were true, when thieves reportedly stole a $7,000 necklace from the grave of Tipsy, a poodle that once belonged to an American industrialist. All this led the shocked local mayor to issue this statement to the press: “Treasure is not hidden in the tombs of all the dogs and cats.”

5. Cat tiara

In the video below, uncovered by Us Weekly, a scene from the TV drama Revenge is reenacted by cats—including one in a diamond tiara.


Chickens Wearing Jewelry

A commenter a few weeks back alerted us to a photo series of chickens wearing jewelry—including one sporting seem to be diamonds. The photos can be viewed via JCK’s Pinterest page.

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