5 Influential Jewelry Designers Dish on Their Inspirations In A New Book

What’s the future of artisanal fine jewelry design? Look no further than the 38 influential designers profiled in “Jewelry’s Shining Stars,” a photo-filled coffee table book set for release this September. Written by jewelry consultant and author Beth Bernstein, the luxe tome features designs, quotes, personal anecdotes, and inspirations as told by each designer. “I’ve been fortunate enough to see pieces from Castellani to Cartier and the crowned jewels,” says Bernstein. “Yet I am most drawn to the studios of today’s generation of independent jewelers—designers who work at the bench with reverence for Old World traditions, then soulfully alter the classic techniques.” What follows are musings on inspiration from five of the profiled designers.

Melissa Joy Manning

“For me, making things has always been a kind of play, and I try to retain that feeling in my current work. Design is about capturing a natural intangible and making it permanent.”

Rings by Melissa Joy Manning

Todd Reed

“I am most inspired by the more subtle things in life. A beautiful scent, flower, mood, or meaningful interaction could influence an entire collection for me.”


Rings by Todd Reed

Arman Sarkisyan

The challenges and techniques of Old World jewelry traditions are an endless inspiration. I’m also influenced by my travels and art throughout history. Stay true and authentic to who you are as a person and artist and the rest will follow.”


Earrings by Arman Sarisyan

Megan Thorne

“All the clumsy quirks I found in other artistic mediums, like sewing my finger to the sewing machine, dissolved when I picked up jeweler’s tools. As a former lingerie designer, a lot of my inspiration comes from textiles.”


Ring by Megan Thorne

Moritz Glik

“I am very inspired by people-watching and imagining what they do and what their lives are like. I can invent great stories about them, and that all becomes very visual for me.”

Bracelet by Moritz Glik (All photos courtesy of Fine Points Publishing)

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