5 Hidden-Camera Pranks Involving Diamonds

Who doesn’t love watching hidden-camera pranks? All right, anyone who doesn’t like to see other people humiliated—but aside from them? Here are five funny, bizarre, and sometimes tasteless pranks all related to that deadly serious rock: the diamond.

1. Missy Elliott is told her jewelry is lost

In this 2003 bit on the MTV series Punk’d, which made VH1’s 40 Greatest Pranks list, rapper Missy Elliot goes to a jewelry store to get her diamond-studded dog tag necklace cleaned. She’s then told it has disappeared—and needless to say, doesn’t take it well.

2.  Woman eats ring, chokes 

In this surprisingly elaborate prank, Canadian TV’s Just for Laughs had an actor tell a group of department store shoppers he will propose to his girlfriend with a ring hidden in a piece of chocolate. The woman then “accidentally” swallows it and, even worse, begins to choke. The camera then records their reactions, which we can basically describe as “horrified.”

3. The fake proposal

In 2003, the WB show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment arranged this clever stunt, which involved a man on a date ordering a dessert that, much to his surprise, contains an engagement ring. The woman, who was in on the stunt, loudly proclaims she’s about to be wed, as the mortified boyfriend tries to wriggle out of it. One hopes the couple today is happily married—to other people.

4. Paying for a ring with pennies

For this “Penny Prank”—yes, apparently, there is a whole series of these—a scruffy prankster tries to buy an engagement ring with $4,000 in pennies, much to the horror of an indulgent (to a point) jewelry store clerk. Really, the guy’s hair should have been a tip-off. 

5. Ring dropped in drink

Once again showing the thin line between amusing and annoying, the Just for Laughs crew goes to a restaurant and stages a fake proposal and fake argument—and a very real dropping of a ring into an innocent bystander’s drink. Mild irritation ensues.

BONUS: Guy Told That He Ate a Diamond

This is more of an audio prank, but we’re posting it because it’s probably the funniest bit here, if not for delicate sensibilities. “Nephew Tommy” from the Steve Harvey radio show informs a man that the chef who prepared his food dropped a “small diamond” into his mashed potatoes and then proposes an unusual method for getting it back.

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