5 Good Reads: Why You Shouldn’t Be Boring on Social Media

This roundup of five good reads features chick-flick social media lessons, Dockers embracing cool, and what a customer does while shopping in 2014.

1. “How to Lose a Social Media Follower in 10 Days” certainly does sound like a romantic comedy men would be forced to watch with their girlfriends or wives, but this post from Social Media Today offers up great tips on how to avoid alienating your social following. The key lessons are “don’t be boring” and “keep learning and interacting.”

2. Jewelers could learn a lot from how Dockers rebranded itself online for millennials. According to this article from CNN Money, the brand was able to sustain a “conversation with its customers for the first time” and generate 11,000 new Facebook fans and 3 million tweets mentioning @Dockers.

3. Just because there is an app for that, doesn’t mean that customers are using it. According to a recent study, more shoppers find using the mobile browser to be more convenient. The study also found that 46 percent of mobile users want the ability to check other store and online stock quickly.  

4. Still trying to figure out if Vine is the right social media app for your store? If you’ve taken the six-second video plunge, here are some good things to keep in mind, provided by Social Media Today. It also never hurts to revisit some things you shouldn’t be doing on the app.   

5. Finally, an infographic from Accenture on the modern-day customer’s in-store shopping experience.

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