5 Good Reads on How to Be a Better Communicator

A roundup of articles focusing on how business owners and their employees can better utilize their voices to ensure success.

1. From smartblogs.com, Gretchen Rosswurm, director of global corporate communications and corporate social responsibility at Celanese, provides five key communication habits a business leader should adopt to get the most out of their employees.

2. In another useful post from smartblogs.com, Leigh Dow, founder and managing director of Dow Media Group, debates the usefulness of realtime social media responses. I agree with her conclusion that communicating with your customers on social media networks shouldn’t always be done rapid fire.

3. From Fast Company, tips on how to unravel your tongue at networking events.  

4. From the May 2001 issue of JCK, Brad Huisken provides 12 tips on how salespeople can improve communication to boost their sales numbers.

5. Shameless plug alert: I outline four tips businesses and brands should follow to better communicate their messages. Essentially it comes down to being simple, direct, and honest.

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