5 Generous Valentine’s Day Gifts (Diamonds Included!)

The number of days until the most romantic day of the year is nearly in the single digits, and chances are if you’re a jewelry retailer, your showcases were prepped long ago. According to a recent survey, shoppers plan to spend more money on jewelry gifts this year. Still, if you’re looking for something extra special, here are five outrageous Valentine’s Day presents—diamonds included, of course.

Vermont Teddy Bear’s Hunka Love Diamond Bear

I’ll never forget the time my grandparents took me to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory when I was kid; it’s a memory I’ll always hold dear. Imagine my surprise when I saw this: the Big Hunka Love Diamond Bear (only $29,999!). The huggable stuffed bear, standing tall at four and a half feet, comes with a 5.90 ct. Fire Rose diamond ring, courtesy of Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry.

Jetway Private Air’s $500,000 Date Night

What can half a million dollars get you this Valentine’s Day? If you choose Jetway Private Air, you’ll get a private jet to New York, complete with a stay at the Ty Warner Penthouse of the Four Seasons, a private dinner, champagne, and caviar—plus a 52 ct. diamond necklace.

Victoria’s Secret $2.5 Million Bra

Some women may roll their eyes when a significant other gifts them with scanty lingerie, but I think we can all agree: This would be okay! What better than a bra studded with more than $2.5 million of jewels, including amethyst, sapphire, tsavorite, ruby, and fancy color diamonds—5,200 stones in total.

Pop the Champagne…for $700,000+

Finished in solid 20k gold, Van Percken’s champagne cooler is the perfect addition to Valentine’s Day toasts. The limited-edition bucket goes for 500,000 euros, which translates to roughly $740,000. But for the less wealthy, no worries: You can purchase a (bargain) sterling silver version for just under $110,000.

Bejeweled Desserts

So we’ve covered the cute cuddly gift, the location, the lingerie, and the champagne. What’s missing? The chocolate, of course! Any of these desserts featured in an earlier blog post would do. If I got to choose, I’d go for the Frozen Haute Chocolate!


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