5 Flowery Jewels for Year-Round Wear


BELLARRI Medemoisselle D' Paris flower ring


Flowers are nearly always associated with spring and summer. After a long winter, people crave the sights and smells of fresh blossoms, a symbol of rebirth and the warmer temperatures to come. But why do we have to wait through the colder months until we break out our botanicals again? There’s a memorable line from the movie The Devil Wears Prada, in which Meryl Streep’s character sarcastically utters, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” It’s an understandable, albeit snarky, statement since it’s a pattern we always flock to as a sign of the season.

Quintessence Jewelry Corp multi gemstone flower earrings

Quintessence Jewelry Corporation


Cevherun Mucevherat emerald flower ring

Cevherun Mucevherat

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Steven Douglas Company two-tone orchid earrings

Steven Douglas Company

But I think that flowers—especially the type that will never wilt and die (jewelry)—should be a year- round affair. Think about how beautifully they’d pair with autumn’s fuzzy flannels and winter’s plush velvets—especially in moody colors, like the jewels chosen here.

Le Sibille Grove floral earrings

Le Sibille

As cooler weather gets closer to reality, hold on to the sunny days of summer—and spread the warmth to your customers—with blooms like these. I love these jewels for their versatility, color, and craftsmanship, and I think it’s just what we’re in need of this time of year. I think your customers will agree!

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