5 Figure-Eight Jewels for Infinity and Beyond

Last week, we talked jewelry motifs. A collection of initial jewels spelled out how we feel about Friday, and Dada Arrigoni’s collection of crown jewels anticipated the arrival of the royal baby. (Seriously, when is that going to happen?) But I could go on and on about playful motifs in jewelry (and I just might!), because there seems to be an endless supply of beauty where symbols and figures are concerned. Take, for example, the infinity symbol (?). I’m no fan of math—let’s just say I was never the professor’s favorite student in that subject—but this mathematical symbol is one I can jive with. The earliest recorded idea of infinity comes from early Greek times, when ancient philosophers were busy concocting brilliant theories and changing the world of intellect. Today, you can see the infinity symbol nearly everywhere: art, television (it’s a recurring symbol on the show Revenge), tattoos, and, for something a little less permanent, jewelry. The figure-eight shape symbolizes an endless journey, twisting and turning but never ending. It’s a beautiful notion, really, for a trinket of romance or perhaps a near and dear familial symbol. Here are five of my favorites, just in time for you to start stocking for fall and into the holidays (yes, it’s that time already!)

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A. Link for Forevermark diamond Infintiy pendant

A. Link for Forevermark diamond Infinity pendant


Jane Basch Designs Infinite Love necklace

Jane Basch Designs Infinite Love necklace


Tateossian Talisman infinity bracelet

Tateossian Talisman infinity knot bracelet


Silver Stars Collection infinity necklace

Silver Stars Collection sterling infinity necklace


KC Designs double infinity necklace

KC Designs double infinity necklace


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