5 Experiences I’m Looking Forward to at JCK Las Vegas 2016

This year marks my 16th anniversary at the nation’s largest jewelry trade fair

With the start of the jewelry industry’s annual market week just eight days away (the LUXURY show begins on May 31!), I’m keenly aware of my ever-expanding schedule. This year, I’ve decided to forgo making appointments (the Baselworld fair, where I had 68 meetings, positively scarred me). This way, I’ll have more time to wander the show and have those serendipitous run-ins that always prove to be the highlights of the week. I hope.

Here’s what I’m most looking forward to at the show:

1. Navigating a completely new layout at JCK Las Vegas.

Change is good! That’s my mantra, and those of you heading to Sin City would be wise to adopt it. The JCK show, which runs June 3–6 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, has a brand new layout this year—the result of a massive expansion of the convention center. Check out the interactive floor plan on the JCK site, download the JCK Las Vegas mobile app, and prepare to discover new neighborhoods such as the Bridge and a completely reimagined Design Center.

2. The JCK family dinner at Strip Steak.

On Friday night, the entire JCK magazine team—editors, sales reps, and senior executives—will gather at Mandalay Bay’s Strip Steak to talk about 2016, look ahead to the coming year, and pat ourselves on the back for getting our monster May and June issues out the door in time for Vegas. Our annual family dinner feels like the exclamation point to five months of demanding travel and back-to-back deadlines. I can practically taste the chilled Manhattan I’m going to order to kick off the night.

3. Getting Stoned with author Aja Raden.

On June 5, at 11 a.m., I’m having an hour-long one-on-one conversation with New York Times best-selling author Aja Raden about her book Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World. We’ll be on the Showcase Stage on Bayside, Level 1. Come get high (on jewelry) with us!

4. Buying my mom’s 70th birthday gift at JIS Exchange.

My fashionable mama turns 70 on July 5, and I’m determined to buy her a sparkly present at the new JIS Exchange show at the Tropicana. The cash-and-carry event follows the same date pattern as JCK (June 3–6), and the show is offering free shuttle service to and from Mandalay Bay. For buyers wanting immediate satisfaction, there’s no better place to shop for jewels (or bargains).

5. Discovering the next big thing.

Every year yields a new jewelry MVP, and it’s difficult to predict what it will be until you walk the aisles of the show and study what’s new. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of rubies and opals, but what else? Brooches are supposedly making a comeback. Statement earrings are hotter than ever. And collar necklaces seem to be the fashionista item du jour. But my money? It’s going on yellow gold, wood and enamel accents, and sustainably sourced gemstones.


Gold stacking rings by one of my favorite Design Center exhibitors, Dorian & Rose (DC508)

See you there!

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