5 Essential Cocktail Rings to Color Your Store’s Selection

Earlier this year, we shared our Essentials Guide, an offering of the pieces every great retail jeweler should have on hand at all times. To help you keep a great selection in stock, I’ll be sharing the latest, most alluring jewels from each category for showcase consideration. Onward to strong sales!

Essential No. 4: Colored Gemstone Rings

A truly special cocktail ring is tough to beat: One glance at an exquisite, colorful piece can take the breath away. Large gemstones and intricate detail provide eye candy that both the wearer and admirers can ogle for a lifetime. But not all of these pieces are just for the mega rich. A ring selection that mixes high and low pricing guarantees something for every customer and every occasion. Priced between $250 and $150,000, here are five of the latest colored gemstone rings for your store.

V Tse sphene and yellow sapphire ring

V. Tse

Thistle Bee emerald-cut gemstone rings

Thistle & Bee



Omi Prive padparadscha ring

Omi Privé

Eva Stone flush-set peridot ring

Eva Stone


Sutra paraiba cocktail ring



Visit our Essentials Guide to read more about the pieces to keep stocked in your store. Need some help getting it into your showcase? Contact me at bsiminitz at jckonline dot com.

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