5 Engagement Ring Brands You Need to Know (if You Don’t Already)

I don’t have to tell you how big the bridal jewelry business is. It’s many a girl’s dream to get a Tiffany engagement ring, and brands such as Tacori and Ritani have amassed quite a following from those who covet one of their beautiful designs. But there are so many commendable players in this game.

So, you probably know each and every one of these designer brands already. But for the sake of all that’s beautiful, let’s just ogle these rings, shall we? Here are five of my absolute favorite engagement ring brands. Let me tell you how hard it was to narrow this down to five. There are so many great designers today, many of whom are putting out some fantastic nontraditional engagement rings. I’ll save that list for another day, though. Stay tuned!


Sylvie Collection

Sylvie’s always got something new up her sleeve, but her namesake brand is always reliable for a gorgeous engagement ring choice. You’ll find your forever classics, but you’ll also see amped-up versions of the classics, such as a halo design done with black diamonds. But even when the looks lean more toward the daring, they somehow still translate as timeless. Brides will also love the line of rings designed with vintage flair.

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Sylvie Collection princess cut diamond engagement ring



Sylvie Collection black diamond halo engagement ring



Sylvie Collection vintage inspired diamond engagement ring


Parade Design

When you’re looking at a Parade ring, you know it. Its award-winning Reverie collection expands to fashion jewelry but looks quite at home in its bridal line, too. Fancy color diamonds and bezel-set marquise-cut accents make the pieces identifiable in their elegant whimsy. Parade also specializes in a number of vintage-look pieces, with open filigree work and pavé diamonds, paying close attention to ensure each piece has a nature-inspired touch. Floral silhouettes, leaves, and vinelike detail is just a hint of what you’ll find in the expansive collection.

See more from Parade Design.

Parade Design twisted band diamond engagement ring



Parade Design petal halo dimaond engagement ring



Parade Design Art Deco style diamond engagement ring


Kirk Kara

One of my personal favorites, Kirk Kara has drummed up quite the awards cabinet. The family-owned-and-run brand specializes in attention to detail, crafting designs that aren’t too out there, and brides are less apt to see “their” ring on another. Signature etching and filigree combine in a number of looks, each somehow quite different from the next, and the brand’s recent foray into a lower price point means that any bride can get her hands on a Kirk Kara piece.

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Kirk Kara Pirouetta filigree diamond engagement ring



Kirk Kara sapphire-accent Dahlia diamond engagement set



Kirk Kara Stella diamond engagement ring



Another brand that has a strong signature, Danhov’s Abbraccio collection (one of its multiple collections) is wonderfully intriguing. There’s a barrage of really creative designs—I didn’t realize how many different ways that twisting design could be used to make looks that are entirely new. Tubetto, a gorgeous dot-like pattern that has also recently expanded into fashion pieces, is another favorite collection of mine. The designs are decidedly contemporary, and I really admire each and every piece I’ve seen here. Anyone else eager to see what they come up with next?

See more from Danhov.


Danhov Eleganza floral diamond engagement ring



Danhov Abbraccio Swirl diamond engagement ring



Danhov Abbraccio infinity diamond engagement ring


Jack Kelége

Specializing in heirloom-quality pieces, Jack Kelege is a whiz with both bridal and major gemstone pieces. What stands out to me most are his engagement rings that sparkle with pink diamonds. They’re just so good, wavering bridal trends are no obstacle, so don’t worry about what the next accent stone in engagement rings may be. These babies are built for the long haul and will garner more than one envious glance. These images remain some of my most popular in Pinterest, which I think translates to: Yeah, people want ’em.

See more from Jack Kelége.

Jack Kelege white and pink diamond halo engagement ring



Jack Kelege platinum halo diamond engagement ring



Jack Kelege pink diamond halo oval engagement ring


Who makes your favorite collection of diamond engagement rings?


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