5 Diamond-Covered Household Objects

Not every diamond-covered object is something exotic, like or a machine gun or a top-shelf pastry. Occasionally, they are just boring everyday objects that somebody thought needed a touch of glitz:

1. The diamond-covered Pepsi can

In 2007, Pepsi tried to break through the Superbowl ad clutter by giving away a special-edition can of its cola, inlaid with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, and estimated to be worth $100,000. (The prize also contained Superbowl tickets for life, which didn’t hurt either.) One hitch: according to USA Today, the can didn’t actually contain any soda. But, said one executive, the winner “will probably be okay with that.”

2. The Dubai Royale credit card

Here’s a credit card that will make you break out your credit card. Launched in 2007, and billed as the “most exclusive credit card in the world,” the invitation-only all-black Dubai Royale Mastercard from Dubai First is inlaid with gold and features a .23 ct. diamond in its middle. But more importantly, it features no pre-set spending level, a 24-hour a day “relationship manager,” and the ability to make big things happen. “Want two tickets to the Oscars?” asks Dubai newspaper The National. “That can be arranged.” Explained the bank’s CEO: “You ask for the moon and we try and get it.”

3. “The world’s most expensive vacuum”

The $1 million dollar “world’s most expensive vacuum” from Govacuum.com isn’t covered in diamonds per se—but its power nozzle is coated in diamond dust, and it’s gold-plated and studded with Swarovski crystals. Its creator explains: “Does the gold serve any purpose here? Not even remotely, unless you count looking absolutely awesome as a purpose (I kind of do).” Another bonus: It has its own song.

4. The diamond sink

Try using Palmolive on this baby. Stockholm-based Luxury Editions and Gallery (“high quality objects in limited numbers”) has created a special diamond sink, featuring a 2 ct. diamond in the center, and eight more diamonds as side stones. The site quotes no price tag, but expect to throw a lot of money down this drain.

5. The diamond-studded cigarette lighter

Here’s something that will get a person’s attention when they ask for a light: Indian producer Bandla Ganesh made local headlines earlier this month when he gave director Puri Jagannath a cigarette lighter studded with 1,445 diamonds, which he purchased for $8,000 at a Middle Eastern jewelry store. The Bangaolore Mirror quotes a source as saying “Puri is overwhelmed by the gift, which he is using daily.”

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