5 Cool Jewelry-Related Videos: Week of Sept. 24

The past few weeks, I’ve been inundating you with mobile and social media studies that point to an exciting future in retail.

However, considering that the coming weeks’ news will feature plenty of holiday sales coverage, I decided this Saturday, all our readers deserved a dash of fun.

So take a break from designing or selling jewelry and enjoy these five cool jewelry-related videos. Let me what which one is your favorite!

Everybody needs a singing jeweler on a Saturday morning.

Cool stop-motion animated video from New York magazine featuring the best costume jewelry of fall 2012.

A press release from a dental equipment company landed in my inbox this week. I now have an angle to give them some editorial coverage.

Great promotion for a jewelry store: “We need to pay off our sign.”

And finally, the most nerd-tastic wedding proposal ever.