5 Cool Jewelry Industry Blogs You Should Be Following

In the October 2011 issue of JCK, we profiled 10 of the industry’s best blogs that drive traffic and sales while serving as powerful brand-building tools.

Revisiting that article got me thinking what other jewelry industry blogs were out there worth reading. I scoured the Internet and came up with these five examples that offer up lessons on how jewelers and jewelry designers can get the most out of their official blogs.

Gem Gossip


There are several things I like about this blog. The most obvious being that it is visually appealing—as any blog dealing with jewelry should be. The photos used are big and colorful and catch your eye as soon as you land on the site. Grabbing eyeballs isn’t as easy as it looks because of the size of the Internet and short attention spans, but stocking your blog with stylish photos—seek permission to use them whenever possible—is a good way to start.

The blog also engages its readers in a smart way under its Jewelry Gossip section. It simply posts a question—for example, “Necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets?” and lets readers weigh in.

For the history nerd in all of us, the blog has a Jewelry History tab that includes famous eras in jewelry history, important people in each of those eras, and more stunning jewelry images.

Finally, you have to like a blog managed by someone with a cool and endearing “About Me” section. Blogs are an extension of your beliefs and experience, so make sure you relay your story effectively to your readers so they keep coming back because they identify with you.

Murphey the Jeweler Blog


Simply brilliant.

While the blog is updated daily, the topics are always fun, entertaining, and engaging. The layout has plenty of white space that allows the reader to focus on the perfectly balanced use of photos and videos. The less clutter you have on your blog, the easier it is for readers to understand your message.

Also, what’s not to love about a blog that posts a song with gemstones, precious metals or jewelry in the lyrics or title every Friday? Social media is meant to be fun, so make sure you have some!

Wendy Brandes Fine Jewelry Blog


Am I biased because Wendy Brandes is part of my #socialjewels panel on Twitter? Of course I am. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a kick-ass jewelry blogger.

Her blog is just so much fun. Her writing style is hip and clearly shows how much passion and dedication she has to the industry.

A recent example is her post titled, “Drawing the Line at Short Bandage Dresses.” It’s the perfect blend of snarky, insightful, and sincere prose that defines what she believes as a woman, fashionista, and jewelry designer in today’s world.

If you’re a jewelry designer and you’re looking to start blogging to get people attracted to your brand, you’d be wise to follow Wendy’s example.

The Street Bauble Blog


This blog makes the list based on future potential.

In just three posts, I’m pretty much sold that jewelry designer Demi Corbett is a blogger I’m going to come back to regularly.

First of all, Corbott’s writing style is so honest and warm that I was totally bummed there wasn’t more to read. The “about me” section on the blog—as well as on Corbott’s main website—leaves no question to the reader what the designer’s personal and professional beliefs are.

Her blog will also be a good resource to other jeweler designers—based on her post “Local Utah Fairs and Markets.” She writes about her experience at a local artisan fair in Utah in a fun way, but also gives sage advice to those across the country who might be doing the same thing.

This blog is also another good example that simple and direct works better than a lot of flash and bang.

I look forward to what Corbott has to offer in the future.

the carrotbox


Alice Matsumoto’s obsession with rings means the jewelry world is a better place.

The images are spectacular and her prose is short and sweet, but also insightful and fun.

She does post everyday, but like Murphey the Jewelers’ Blog, she never repeats herself and showcases rings that will capture her readers’ imaginations—even if they may not want a ring featuring an eyeball with legs on their fingers.

What’s effective about her blog is that it is a separate entity from her ecommerce site despite being attached to the overall website. She’s not beating readers over the head with sales pitches or ads; she just “loves searching for interesting work” and sharing cool rings she’s discovered.

You can separate the salesperson/retailer from your blogging experience without betraying your brand or what you want to accomplish being online in the first place. Let your readers discover your stuff organically and you’ll end up creating more buzz than if you oversold your message.

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