5 Cool Jewelry Ads From 1905

I was finally able to tear myself away from the 1800s during my search for cool jewelry ads from past issues of JCK magazine and dive right into the 1900s.

Here are my favorites:

The Jeweler’s Circular Feb. 1, 1905

Heintz Bros. Ring Makers

There is a lot going on in this ad, but it kind of works terrifically, doesn’t it?

Ostby & Barton Co.

The woman in this ad is either wearing a halo or about to be abducted by aliens.

The Toltec Gem Mining Company

Proof that risk-taking art directors existed even then: “Let’s lose her arms and legs, people!”

A.C. Becken

Glad to see the woman in this ad found work after wandering off the pages of Alice in Wonderland.

The Jeweler’s Circular Feb. 8, 1905

S. Sternau &. Co.

I don’t know how a scene out of The Great Gatsby is going to sell coffee machines, but I love this ad all the same.

Bonus: The Jeweler’s Circular Feb. 1, 1905

Georgian Silversmiths

I’m glad the fork that appears in all of these silverware ads finally found some friends.

For more cool jewelry ads, check out:

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