5 Bridal Jewelry Trends From 2013 Jewelry Week

Bridal styles seen during jewelry week were colorful, floral, and anything but ordinary. Here are the five trends I saw during market visits.

Pink Gold. We saw it emerge at last year’s show, and the look is still going strong—either in all pink or lots of pink and white combinations. Look to Kirk Kara and Frank Reubel, among others, for new examples.

Floral Halos. First it was the halo, then it was the double halo, and now we see the floral halo. If it’s not broken—the popularity of the halo setting—then don’t fix it (just tweak it to keep fanning the flames of popularity), right? Well, that’s what we saw happen this year at the show. See new varieties from Danhov and Gabriel & Co., among others.

Price Point (petite center stones and 14k gold). A number of retailers are still asking for bridal rings within a price point, and thankfully, those requests aren’t difficult for manufacturers to fulfill. Alternative metal pieces can cost less than gold and platinum, but small-scale offerings in fine materials can also be easily sourced. Look to Edward Mirell for the former and to Sylvie Collection for the best depth of options in the latter.

Color. It’s evident in the form of center and side stones, as well as metal (black or pink gold!). The idea of color in bridal jewelry has been publicized in recent years, and retailers tell me the looks are gaining traction among consumers who aren’t afraid to wear something different from their friends’ sets.

Black Rhodium/Oxidized Metals. Dark options in bridal aren’t seeing skyrocketing demand, but they’re there, and are poised for greater popularity the longer consumers see blackened styles in stores. Rings with oxidation and/or black rhodium can be youthful and edgy or vintage, like many looks are from Sethi Couture. Blackened metals also add pop to colorless diamond settings and drama to black and brown rocks.

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