45 of the Year’s Best Jewelry Reads That Didn’t Appear on JCKonline

As I did last year, I am spotlighting my favorite writing on jewelry and our industry of 2015 that did not appear on this website. (Shocking!) I am almost certainly leaving out many excellent pieces and writers, and I apologize in advance for that. We’re all bombarded with information, and it is impossible to keep up with it all. Consider this my attempt to cut through the clutter with an assortment of items I found interesting and useful this year—and worth sharing with you:

Consumer/Business Publications

Broward Palm Beach New Times has long interesting profile on Stephen Haggerty, who discovered the plant that may signal kimberlites.

New York mag on Net-a-Porter.

– HuffPo blogger on the “scariest part” of Amazon Homemade.

Fast Company design infographic visually depicts the fluctuating value of gold.

– Business of Fashion: In fashion media, church and state line blurs.

– Retail Dive examines the future of brick-and-mortar stores.

The Telegraph looks at 3-D printing and jewelry.

– Bloomberg looks at the “missing diamond shortage.”

– How drones may help reduce conflict diamonds.

– Thought-provoking Huffington Post Highline piece on the “myth of the ethical shopper.”

Washington Post looks at the dangerous search for emeralds in Colombia.

– Racked: The rise and fall of “hipster brands” American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.

T Magazine has probably my favorite Apple Watch review. The Onion also has its say.

– How a diamond helped a family escape Nazi Germany.

– Crazy New York Times tale about returning ring to rightful owner.

Jewelry Publications/Blogs

– Michelle Graff explains the demographic reasons for the closing of jewelry stores and the decline of the middle class.

– Peter Smith on the “paradox of choice.”

– How jeweler fought back after competitor bought Facebook reviews.

InStore on how jewelers recovered from robberies

– Doug Gollan: Why local jewelers have a bright future.

– Thoughts on new consumers from Hedda Schupak and Ben Janowski.

– Idazzle takes us gem hunting.

– Barbara Palumbo on women and the watch industry.

– Matthew Perosi on the Google My Business app.

– Cheryl Kremkow ponders two engagement rings sold at auction.

Diamond Publications/Blogs

– Chaim Even-Zohar on the real reason why Antwerp Diamond Bank closed.

– Eric Schulte on the diamond industry and disruption.

– Danielle Max on “the never-ending conflict.”

– There has been lots of great writing on the current crisis, including pieces from: Ben Janowski, Martin Rapaport, Sanjay Kothari, Chaim Even-Zohar, Edahn Golan, Avi Krawitz, Ehud Laniado, Bluedax, Neil Reiff, Vinod Kuriyan, Mark Boston.

Watch Publications/Blogs

– ABlogtoWatch: 100 years ago, The New York Times admitted wristwatches were here to stay.

– WatchTime: U.S. presidents and their watches.

– CNN: 10 watches that changed the world.

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