4 Tips for Retail Jewelers During Winter Storm Nemo

Patricia Low, president and CEO of Jewelers unBLOCKed insurance, emailed JCK and offered our readers these tips on how best to weather Storm Nemo:

1. Jewelers should make sure that entry to their store is safe. Snow should be shoveled and salt and/or sand should be used. Doormats for wet shoes of customers should be in place for non-carpeted floors. This will provide for an inviting presence and will let the public know you are “open for business.” It will also prevent slip and fall injuries to your employees and customers.

2. Anticipate how much time you will need to secure all your goods in safes and vaults prior to an emergency weather closing. A rushed closing will increase the likelihood of goods not being accounted for and secured properly.

3. Should there be a loss of power, remember that most alarm system back up batteries only provide a couple hours of power. This could compromise your coverage. Have a plan in place to have security or store managers ready to return to the store for continuous insurance coverage should there be an extended loss of power.

4. While working with customers, do not become preoccupied by the weather. Also, only take one piece out at a time when working with a customer. Thieves look for unfocused salespeople, especially during busy times and distracting weather circumstances!

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