holiday survival guide. here are four more tips for you and your business in december.

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4 More December Holiday Survival Tips

JCK’s 2012 Holiday Survival Guide is chock-full of tips from experts in marketing, social media, publicity, sales, and other critical areas of operations to get your business in shape for seasonal success.

Our editors were so inundated with advice that we couldn’t fit it all into our Holiday Survival Guide. Here are four more tips for you and your business in December:

Visual Merchandising

Inspiration Point

“I saw a display at Bergdorf Goodman where the whole back wall featured Post-it Notes. I could see a very simple jewelry window with Post-its, where they read ‘Anniversary January 15, Anniversary January 15!’ Anyone can sell a diamond solitaire ring, but in order for it to be special the store needs to look special. If a man tells you he’s a great lover, you know he’s not. There are some things that go without saying.”

—Linda Cahan, founder, Cahan & Co., author of 100 Displays Under $100


Something of Value

“This fall we’re hosting Roberto Coin and Marco Bicego to take a customer who is already a connoisseur and give them a one-on-one ‘wow’ experience. By introducing them to the designers they admire, we’re cementing their loyalty to the designers and to Borsheims. As the recession took hold, customers wanted to feel they were tremendously valued before parting with their dollars and an emotional experience with our store resonates with them.”

—Adrienne Fay, director of marketing and advertising, Borsheims

Social Media

Grading the Make

“Social media can be a very useful tool, especially when it includes an element of trust. When it comes to diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewelry, linking a product shot or description with a grading report from a trusted lab like GIA can help build consumer confidence this holiday season. We’ve made this even easier with a new service, the GIA Diamond eReport, which delivers GIA grading results completely online.”

—Stephen Morisseau, public relations director, GIA


The Sum of All Parts

“Summarizing is a great way for sales people to demonstrate they understand what the customer’s saying. ‘From what you have said it sounds like your major concern is…’ Summarizing restates what the customer said in a way that demonstrates understanding.  One caution: It is important to distinguish summarizing from parroting, the latter being a bad idea. Summarizing paraphrases only the essentials and is stated in your words.”

—Janet Spirer, cofounder, Sales Horizons

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