4 Jewelry Trends That Dominated the Floor at JCK Las Vegas 2015

A few weeks ago while anticipating the trip to JCK Las Vegas, I made some predictions for jewelry trends I’d see on the show floor. As the show winds down today, I’m feeling fairly satisfied that I made some darn good guesses. But there are some even bigger common trends that I spotted, and I’d love to tell you about them. It’s become very clear throughout the past couple of days that JCK exhibitors are positively brilliant about knowing what their customers want and creating really exciting looks to fulfill those wants. I saw so many beautiful things—I wish there were more hours in a day so I could have seen more!—and I’m pleased to share these with you.

Mother Nature

Butterflies, among other small creatures, seemed like a big motif just based on my big pre-show prediction piece, and it was proven a thousand times over in Vegas. But it wasn’t only butterflies fluttering about; other nature-inspired looks—particularly flowers and leafy, vine-filled, botanical aesthetics—were sprouting up at every turn.

VIVAAN white sapphire and diamond floral handpiece

It’s rare to find something with an absence of color at VIVAAN, but this handpiece was so spectacular, it fit right in. White sapphires make up the larger stone portion of the design, with pavé diamonds glittering from the center flower.


I’ve long been a fan of Supreme Jewelry‘s alluring design, and the company came to Vegas with a flock of fresh new pieces. They’ve really started playing with movement, and my favorite of those creations was this spectacular sapphire and diamond flower ring, with petals that appear to bloom. It’s one of those rings that will have you fanning your hands all day long just to enjoy the way it feels (and looks).


Charming Silver CZ climbing vine two-finger ring, JCK 2015

Charming Silver‘s sensational two-finger vine ring climbs up the fingers with glittering CZ accents along the leaves. The smooth curves and shiny finish really had an eye-catching effect. I wore it on the show floor and got so many compliments.



Artistry Ltd. fancy sapphire flower collection, JCK 2015

Fancy sapphires are featured in this floral collection from Artistry Ltd., with a trio of matching rings and pendants (sold separately).


Vanna K Gelato collection butterfly ring, JCK 2015

I loved this ring from Vanna K, which rests on one finger but flies across the hand with an amethyst butterfly and diamond-dotted flower. Its smooth curves really felt good to wear, and comfort is super-important with larger pieces like these!



Kissed by a Rose (Gold)

Bridal rings done up all in rose gold are really popular in the market right now. But just as in-demand are looks composed in white metals with just a kiss of rose gold—a look that makes a huge impact with this one satiny detail. I really enjoyed spotting engagement rings and wedding bands like these, but the style was prevalant in many fashion designs as well.

Sylvie Collection engagement rings with rose gold, JCK Las Vegas 2015

Sylvie Collection featured a sensational assortment of styles with that common rose gold touch. The designs look spectacular in any metal, but I especially love how the pink accents add a hint of satiny warmth.


Kirk Kara bridal collection, JCK 2015

Kirk Kara‘s always beautifully detailed engagement rings included an assortment of rose gold accents, adding a warm touch to the overall look.



Parade Design bridal collection, JCK 2015

Rose gold details also popped up in a number of engagement rings from Parade Design, with such a sensational variety.



Negative Space

As predicted, the negative space trend was everywhere. And not only did I find pieces like these at about 80 percent of the booths I visited, but I was also told that said pieces ranked among many exhibitors’ best sellers. A number of brands are making huge efforts to reach out to the self-purchasing shoppers with these looks, wihch are massively trendy right now but still manage to be pretty classic. These are the kinds of jewels you could really wear every day—I know, because when I tried them on, I never wanted to take them off.

Andy Gotz diamond collection with negative space rings, JCK 2015

Andy Götz‘s new diamond collection featured a number of killer rings like these, and also included similar bracelets and some really cool earrings—all very modern, all on trend.



Stuller diamond fashion rings with negative space, JCK 2015

Stuller was bursting with rings like these, totally captivating with diamonds and in a variety of metals.



Tamir sapphire and diamond swirl ring, JCK Las Vegas 2015

Tamir‘s exquisite sapphire ring incorporates elements of negative space into its design, taking two rows of sparkling diamonds for a spin before leading to its diamond-surrounded centerpiece.



Totally Tourmaline

Each year there’s one stone that seems to really take Vegas by storm. I predicted morganite. And while I did see a lot of that, it’s really tourmaline that stole the show. Designers seem to be favoring the stone in its myriad of colors. One look at any of these pieces and you can see why. From solids to rainbow combinations, these stones are just deliciously juicy, and so, so luxe.

Yael Designs rubellite and opal rings, JCK Las Vegas 2015

There’s a lot to look at in this glorious layout from Yael Designs—but for purposes of this post, I’m focusing on that yummy rubellite ring.


Susan Wheeler pendant collection, JCK Las Vegas 2015

Susan Wheeler incorporates tourmaline into her pendants here, like the rubellite surrounded in tsavorite at the top, and the green tourmaline accent on the center piece.


Vianna Brasil tourmaline one-of-a-kind rings

Vianna B.R.A.S.I.L. simply stunned with the one-of-a-kind collection of cocktail rings featuring amazing tourmaline stones as sweet as candy.


VTse multicolor tourmaline cabochon earrings, JCK Las Vegas 2015

Vtse sent a net of gold into the universe and caught this fantastic assortment of multicolor tourmaline cabochons. Turned upside down, and they look like hot air balloons, or part of the colorful floating house from Up. In short, they’re spectacularly whimsical and very impressive.


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