3 Twitter Feeds Worth Following

Whenever I’m in New York City, as I was last week for JCK’s October issue cover shoot (keep your eyes peeled for that one—our red-haired model was a bombshell and looked incredible in the season’s jewel-toned hues), I maximize my time on the subway by catching up on my Twitter feed. Wifi/3G access is unavailable at all but the busiest stations, so I’ll scroll through the tweets on my iPhone and forward the ones that sound intriguing to my email account. As soon as I emerge aboveground, a pinging sound lets me know that the tweets have been sent.

Once I’m at the office, in between editing stories for our daily e-newsletter, answering emails, and working on the current issue, I’ll go back to those tweets and bone up on whatever news I’ve missed. A handful of Twitter accounts make up the bulk of what I forward on for further reading. Here’s a look at those accounts and a few thoughts on why you should consider following them, too.


Founded by Piers Fawkes, PSFK is a daily news site that brings you ideas and inspiration from around the world on next-generation retailing, interactivity, and generally cool inventions/introductions by and for the site’s global community of tastemakers. Last week, for example, PSFK posted this interview with the co-chiefs of the LAB at Rockwell Group, about how interactive technology can bridge the gap between digital and physical environments. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, consider springing for PSFK’s annual Future of Retail report; the latest version, released a few weeks ago, is pricey but chock-full of insights into the technologies and ideas shaping the retail universe.


We spotlighted the team at Refinery29.com in our December 2011-January 2012 issue as one of five people to watch this year, and for good reason. The fashion, beauty and shopping site stands out in a crowded field because it delivers spot-on trend coverage, including plenty of jewelry forecasts. Last week, this post on personalized jewelry—much of it inexpensive fashion pieces—reminded me how much play the idea of customization is getting in the mainstream fashion press, and how, inevitably, those ideas trickle down into the fine arena.


Maria Popova, the founder and editor of Brain Pickings, a site dedicated to all the “interesting-ness” that’s fit to tweet, makes the most prolific blogger seem like a slouch by comparison. She mines the Web for news, videos, illustrations, recordings and all manner of intriguing arcana that will—I promise—fascinate and inspire you. The jewelry connection to @brainpicker is slim, but I stand firm behind this recommendation. You won’t be disappointed.