3 Must-Stock Chain Types According to the Royal Chain Group

Chain, chain, chain! As the main component in most necklaces, it’s never not present in fine jewelry. But bold, usually yellow gold, chain necklaces—layered up to proper #neckmess levels—are red-hot right now in the fine fashion jewelry market.

Which is why we we’ve asked one of the most enduring chain makers in the biz, the Royal Chain Group, to share which links, precisely, are most in-demand right now by its many retail partners.

Phillip Maroof, vice president of marketing and product development for the brand, spilled the tea.

Royal Chain Group paper clip chain
Royal Chain Group’s newly developed, proprietary paper-clip chain in elegant bracelet form

Paper-Clip Chain

Paper clip is the chain du jour in fashion right now, probably because it had all but disappeared from the market since the 1980s and is therefore feeling utterly fresh! Royal Chain recently debuted its first paper clip, and Maroof notes, “We introduced it in January after we spent time perfecting it. We really wanted to get it right. We like the shape of it, and we like the faceting of our links—they really grab the light.” The brand carries it in various colors, sizes, and lengths—as short as a 7.5-inch bracelet and as long as a 38-inch necklace. “We noted last year that lots of designers and people started showing it, and we really wanted to make our own. It’s done very well for us so far.”

Textured Cuban link chain
A fat Cuban-link chain with a chic texture (not gems!)

Cuban-Link Chain

Cuban-link chain comes and goes in fashion but is especially versatile because at this stage, it feels very “standard chain” and looks great in both ultra-delicate and super-bulky iterations. “It’s doing really well for us,” Maroof notes. “It’s a very unisex chain, and we sell it to men and women. We do it in lots of different lengths and weights—with diamonds, without diamonds, polished, and textured.”

Mirrored chains
Pretty mirrored chains in varying lengths from Royal Chain Group

Mirrored Chain

Up-and-coming in popularity are mirrored chains—which have large flat surface areas that can be round, oval, or diamond in shape. “It’s a super-popular chain because the surfaces grab the light so well,” Maroof explains.

Top: Royal Chain Cuban-link chains with diamonds (all photos courtesy of the Royal Chain Group)

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