3 Infographics Every Small Business Owner Should See

As the recent releases of JCK’s 2012 Holiday Survival Guide and 2012 Retailer Survey indicate, ’tis the season to arm jewelers with best tips and strategies to make this holiday season as successful as possible.

To supplement our holiday coverage, I found three grabby infographics for small business owners to use during the seasonal rush and beyond.

Mobile Is Good

The stat that jumps out at me from this infographic by Sage is that 84 percent of small business owners think mobile technology has positively affected their company’s business. Mobile has been making significant gains in the past year, and while businesses are still trying to monetize it effectively, knowing that a good chunk of retailers aren’t resisting it is an encouraging sign.

Time Is Money

I’m not surprised at all that 38 percent of retailers think time is their most valuable asset, according to this infographic by Mavenlink. For one thing, it’s human nature to complain we don’t have enough time. But for a small business owner, it’s the one thing you can’t demand more of to improve your bottom line.

Another stat I found intriguing: One in every four small business owners believes that just one extra hour in the working day is worth more than $500. I’m eager to hear from jewelers to see if they have a similar mindset and how it affects them and their business both positively and negatively.


Online = Networking

This inforgraphic from Manta finds that more small businesses are networking online. Thirty-eight percent of small business owners said that a quarter of their networking time is dedicated to online channels.

I’ll confess that I’m not sure how the jewelry industry’s networking is different from that of other small businesses. I’d be interested to know how much networking jewelry retailers engage in online and how the time spent devoted to online networking has changed as the industry has gotten more Web-savvy.

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